The Fine Art Limited Edition Collection
Collector Services and Pricing
At Donnini Studio we honor every collector with quick authentication of Limited Edition Prints and Original Paintings within 24 hours. All prints have authentication documents with code numbers for authentication attached at time of purchase and included in the shipping package.  

This is a list of services currently offered.  Each painting or series is now available for exclusivity upon negotiation.

Privite Collectors Editions
      & Corporate Collectors Editons
Artist Proofs
Public and Private Commissions
Celebrity & Executive Portraits
Sports Personality Commissions
Automotive Fine Art Limited Edition Collection:
      F1 Honda 2000, F1 Jaguar 2001, Austin Healey 1956, Porsche 946, Porsche Can Am, Ferrari 355 Spider,                              Lamborghini Murcielego

We have an up dated price list for every print edition.

All framing and shipping are priced based on frame choice and woldwide shipping location.

Contact Call Lana McCauley at 407-645-4705 for quotes on art, framing and shipping. 

The fine art prints from Donnini Studio are printed using Arcihval inks and acid free paper and high quality linen. They are shown here in a New Collectors Edition, numbered and signed by Steven Donnini. These prints are made to increase in value with the art market. The Donnini Studio mission is to promote the value of your collection.   
Call (407) 645-4705 - or email: [email protected]