Visitors to the Donnini Studio come from all over the world. They are looking for inspired large oil paintings and limited edition prints that express the notion that "Life emerges from art, art emerges from life."  These people are looking for Ideas and Craftmanship in their art.  
More than 323,520  people have visited the studio this year.
How and why is the art created and what form does it take?
The Donnini Studio art is created with an eye to the future. When people look back at art they experience the feelings of the time it was created. It also enlightens them about the things that were important at that time. Like the ideas behind the work. For example when we look back at Pop Artist we see an impression of what it was like to be alive at the time the work was created. In my work I do the same thing, in that I show how conflict can expose beauty. We live in a time when cultures are in conflict. This creates energy that can be viewed as a joyful expression of life. I create art as a way of moving forward into a better life with the evidence that art shows us that human beings share the same things wherever they may live.  Yes, there is suffering all over the world, but that is only a part of life. There are many other things that we experience that make it all worth living.
       Love, joy, family, faith and spiritual bliss are also a part of life. Art can be a portal to these things and act as a reminder that the condition we are in is fleeting. 
       I like to paint in a masterful style. I do many studies for larger works based on ideas I find valuable. This gives me time to consider the real value of the finished work before I spend 3 months to complete a piece. Ideas are important to me. When I was a young boy in my father's art studio, he would have other artist, photographers and writers stop by to talk about issues of importance for the time. It was the 1950's and there was always a lively, adventurous mood to the conversation. I didn't know how much this would shape my future thinking. So, I always put the idea of the art first. That's what separates the artist from the craftsman. But, when an artist can deliver both great ideas and craftsmanship, then you have a "Wow" moment whenever you stand before the artwork. That's where the true value of the art is derived. This is what makes great art.
       Many collectors look at my work as an investment. I always point out that if they were only interested in making money it's a good reason to own one of my paintings or limited edition prints, but if they didn't see something very unique in the art they wouldn't be collecting my work in the first place.